George throop iii - director

George Throop III represents his family company dealership. George has been a part of CBMDA for many years and brings valuable knowledge and history of the group. George thinks things through and provides excellent advice and leadership to the newer member reps.

We are thankful that George has the faith in us to keep growing and building networks throughout California to keep the industry and our group strong and valuable.

John miller - Member at large

John Miller has been associated with and been a supporter of the CBMDA for over 25 years. The CBMDA has been provided with exclusive insurance programs and risk management resources because of John's involvement and ability to create competitive, comprehensive insurance programs.  As well, John continues to be a consultant to the association members whether they be client or not. He has been and will continue to be an active board member.

Brian Maietta - Social networking coordinator

Representing Multicoat Corporation in their Marketing Department brings new insight on the internet uses and capabilities to help grow a strong bond and network with the younger members in the industry. He was vital in updating our website and creating our new LinkedIn page. These social and interactive ideas will be showing up on the web in the future. Watch and see us grow!