Lydi Godsey.jpg

Lydi Godsey - Treasurer

Lydi Godsey represents Western States Wholesale, she specializes in landscape sales and serves as the Association’s 2017-2018 Treasurer.

Lydi is very active in the association. She served on the Committee to create The Roadshow events as well as actively preparing, inviting and planning all our meetings and events. Proven leader and very creative we are lucky to have her on our Board.

Craig maiettta - director

Craig Maietta represents Sepulveda Building Materials and serves as a Director. Craig, as VP of Sales and Marketing at Sepulveda, brings marketing and sales experience to the Board. He likes branding and that’s why each member can choose a logo hat or shirt when they join. He also wanted to bring back the store and vehicle decals showing Dealers and Vendors are Proud Members of the CBMDA. He will have more exciting ideas along the way for us.

DAve maietta - director

Representing Multicoat Corporation, Dave is President of the Company and brings a wealth of ideas on State and Federal Regulations, the importance of adhering to them and helping the Association present pertinent speakers on safety and regulations in the building material industry. He recruited our speaker from the Air Quality and Resources Board and will help us in the future with other valuable speakers and guests.