Board of Directors

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I am a sales representative from Western States Wholesale and am serving as CBMDA’s President.

I have served the building material industry for over 12 years; and I specialize in landscape sales. I have been very active in the Association. I was part of the committee that established The Roadshow events, served as Treasurer the last two years, as well as, actively preparing, inviting and planning all our meetings and events.

I am a firm believer in networking and relationships which make this group an important part in growing our industry’s profitability. I look forward to increasing our dealer membership this year and expanding the Roadshow areas.



T J Huber - vice president

As a Territory Manager for Orco Block Blended Materials, a division of Orco Block & Hardscape, I have participated in all of 2018’s CBMDA activities.  I have been MC for the Roadshows and the Kick Off events, game encourager (come try your hand at Corn Hole), and I am the “Raffle Master”! 

I find that these events grow networking opportunities, build relationships, and give educational opportunities on products, legal issues (like the first event with the SQAQDMD’s presentation on adhesives), and in coming events talks on CA laws that are impacting doing business in California and how to solve labor deficits.



Ray Romero - secretary

Ray Romero represents ORCO Block & Hardscape and is our current Secretary from 2017 to the present.

Ray was an instrumental part of the committee who formed “The Roadshow” idea. Dedicated ORCO Block & Hardscape hosted our Kick Off Meeting in March 2017 to let the California dealers know CBMDA is active and providing valuable information, education and networking opportunities in the industry.

Ray and ORCO Block & Hardscape support all dealers in our community and we are glad he is part of our Board.


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David “Bud” Frenzel - Treasurer

I am proud to serve as CBMDA’s 2019 Treasurer. I have been involved with CBMDA for several years.

I am presently the General Manager, Corporate Treasurer for Southeast Construction Products, Inc. I have served as Past President of the Masonry Material Dealers Association.

I am celebrating 40 years in the industry in February, having served with both supplier and dealer operations during my tenure.



Allie Jackson- director- Social/Media chair

Represents Eldorado & Cultured Stone as an Area Sales Manager in the greater LA territory, Allie brings new insight on the importance of LinkedIn and other internet uses and capabilities to help grow a strong bond and network with the younger members in the industry. She has knowledge that will help our social media presence be stronger and touch more industry leaders! These social and interactive ideas will be showing up on the web in the future. Watch and see us grow!


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John russell - director - membership chair

I’m the Orange County/South LA Sales Representative for Belgard.  I have worked in the building material industry for over 20 years and know the benefits of being a member of a great organization.

I currently call on all building material yards in Orange County and South Los Angeles County.  The CBMDA is valuable organization to join for networking and resources.

Come and see what you’re missing. There’s a Profit by Association!



George throop iii - director

George Throop III represents his family company dealership. George has been a part of CBMDA for many years and brings valuable knowledge and history of the group. George thinks things through and provides excellent advice and leadership to the newer member reps.

We are thankful that George has the faith in us to keep growing and building networks throughout California to keep the industry and our group strong and valuable.


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John miller - Director

John Miller has been associated with and been a supporter of the CBMDA for over 25 years. The CBMDA has been provided with exclusive insurance programs and risk management resources because of John's involvement and ability to create competitive, comprehensive insurance programs.  As well, John continues to be a consultant to the association members whether they be client or not. He has been and will continue to be an active board member.


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carla hansen - director

I represent Boral and have served in the distribution and manufacturing industry for over 35 years. I joined CBMDA in 2017 and served as Vice President and Membership Chair.  

I was instrumental in the development of CBMDA’s new traveling networking events, “The Roadshow”.  I was the presenter at CBMDA’s Summer Networking Event in Long Beach with an emphasis on Eldorado Outdoor.

Boral is proud to be a host for the March Roadshow in the San Diego area. Watch for details.



Tina berkaw - director

Hi! I am the General Sales Manager for Thompson Building Materials.  I have worked for Kenny Thompson for 26 years, prior to being part of the Thompson family, I worked for Del Piso Brick and Tile. 

I have been associated with the CBMDA during my time with Thompson’s and I am looking forward to helping grow this association back to being a powerhouse by working as a team with the other members of the association, building networks with other dealers, manufacturers and associations such as CABIA.


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I represent Sepulveda Building Materials. I have been working for Sepulveda for 31 years and am the Vice President.

Since 2017 I have served as CBMDA’s President; when along with our other dedicated board members, I stepped up to the help reorganize and rebuild CBMDA. I brought leadership and guidance to the Association when we needed to revive the group.

As Past President I continue to sit on the Board and will be there to bring guidance and history to the Association that wil help build a strong and great industry alliance. I firmly believe in “Profit by Association”.