john alexander - president

John Alexander, VP at Sepulveda Building Materials and is CBMDA’s President serving the group since 2017. John brought us leadership and guidance to the Association when we most needed it. His leadership and levelheadedness helps guide the Association to making it a great association to belong to. He firmly believes in “Profit by Association” and has successfully completed 2 years of service to our group.

Carla hansen - vice president

Carla Hansen, represents Boral and is our current Vice President and Membership Chair. Carla is instrumental in our development of our new traveling networking events, “The Roadshow”. She has served on the board since 2017. She gave a super presentation at our Summer Networking Event in Long Beach with an emphasis on Eldorado Outdoor.

Ray Romero - secretary

Ray Romero represents ORCO Block and is our current Secretary from 2017-2018. Ray was an instrumental part of the committee who formed “The Roadshow” idea. Dedicated ORCO Block hosted our Kick Off Meeting in March to let the California dealers know CBMDA is active and providing valuable information, education and networking opportunities in the industry. Ray and ORCO support all dealers in our community and we are glad he is part of our Board.